How to Tip a Removalist in Australia

tipping removalists in Australia

In Australia, you only need to tip if you want to. You are not obliged to tip if you don’t want to. If you inform removalists that you will tip them, you may save money on the overall bill.

Deciding to tip a removalist is not a hard thing. If you keep the suggestions herein in mind, then you can be assured that you will find good answers for any situation regarding tipping a mover.

In most cases, consumers over rely on removalists to do a perfect moving job such that they fail to consider them as professional movers. But they are professionals, and they should be treated that way.

Hence, it’s appropriate to give them a tip, be it in the form of money or buying them lunch and some drinks. You can base a moving tip depending on the overall performance of the moving crew. If the crew was professional and helpful, then offer them a tip you believe is fair.

The entire moving process is usually stressful and includes hundreds of details that require special attention. One of these details is how you will treat the mover as they move your precious items.

tipping removalists in Australia 

Here is a quick reference to keep a mover happy:

Moving is a stressful and hard task, so it is common decency to store some cold bottled soda or water, or any suitable drink in the fridge as per the weather or time of the day.

You can also offer the crew some food if moving extends past lunch hour. Sandwiches and pizza or any fast food that the crew can eat while moving would be a great option.

Some people may prefer buying the crew some lunch rather than tipping them, and this is just fine. Other people may do both. Just opt for the tip you are fully comfortable with.

However, if you opt to buy them lunch, it is appropriate to ask them if they have any preferences to the choice of food. Avoid tipping the crew with alcoholic drinks.

Instead, offer such a tip in the form of money so that they can decide on how to spend it.


Deciding On How Much To Tip the Removalists

There are multiple pieces of advice on the average amount to tip. The percentage does not really work like in the case of a restaurant.

Generally, if moving takes half a day, that is around 3 to 4 hours, a $15 tip per crew member is an appropriate amount. If the move takes around 7 hours, then $25 would be an appropriate tip.

However, if you are moving several bulky furniture items down winding or narrow stairs, then it would be appropriate to increase the tip.

If the crew will work beyond 12 hours to get your valued items packed and moved, then consider a $50 tip as fair. The tip can go as high as $100 or even more if you may have received absolutely great and professional moving services.

However, the movers should be really helpful and good to offer extra assistance such as last minute packing and carefully wrapping any fragile items, or assisting on catching an escaped pet. Such assistance is a sign of a great mover that deserves gratitude.

All in all, tipping a mover will depend on your evaluation. Tip the movers what you believe they deserve. If you’re fully satisfied with the entire moving process, then offer a tip as a genuine way of proving that all went well.