Soft and Gentle Home Décor with Scented Candles

Candles always were, and they will always be the ideal home decoration accessory. Scented candles are versatile, beautiful, relaxing and they will always create an ambiance suitable for every occasion. Candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes as well as colors in designs; therefore, you can use for practical and decorative purposes. Besides being used for decoration, candles are great for keeping your room smell fresh and nice and for creating a certain ambiance. Take a look at some of our ideas on decorating your home with candles.

Adding Ambiance to a Room

If you want to add a unique ambiance to a room, place a row of tea lights along a mantle or windowsill. You can also use different sized pillar Glasshouse candles and place them at the end of the mantelpiece. Have in mind that all your candles stands must be heat resistant, especially if you love to light them frequently. We recommend you trying modern or traditional wall sconces, which can hold one to four candles. They look very classy and sophisticated.

You can even place some candles in your bathroom. Place them in the corner of your bathroom to add a little bit of character, or you can put a few tea light candles in a bowl. Also, have in mind that having candles in the bathroom will come in handy when you want to prepare a relaxing, romantic bath for your special someone.

Eliminate Bad Smells

Be smart and disguise the odors in your kitchen by lighting some scented Ecoya Candle designed to eliminate smells. If you want to remove pet or tobacco smells, scented candles are the right solutions to make your home beautiful and fresh-scented. Put some candles in glass jars to add a rustic touch to your kitchen. For a more elegant look, put a big candle at your dining table as a centerpiece. Decorate this centerpiece with some dried flowers or some glass stones. Don’t light the candles when you are cooking because they will drown out the smell of the food. Light those after you are finished to get the smell out and make your home smell enjoyable and pleasant once again.

Always have in mind that lighting candles around pets and children can be quite dangerous. If simple guidelines aren’t followed, you can even cause a fire and cause serious hazards. When lighting candles, make sure there is someone around. Never leave burning candles unsupervised. Also, don’t put any of them near plants, curtains, furniture or anything flammable. It may seem obvious, but don’t keep scented candles near your hair or clothes and don’t put them at an angle that has an increased risk of falling and setting something on fire. Lastly, when blowing out candles will displace the candlewick and cause it to smoke the next time you lit it. To avoid this, you should extinguish the candles with candle snuffers and trim the candle a little bit before lighting it again. We hope our tips have helped you!